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Toss a Coin To Your Witcher

I can’t even tell how much I love the song. It is even sung very well in Czech! And I love the show! Even though I don’t like Triss not being a ginger, I can get over that :’D

It’s funny that the song is against elves, and if that is not enough proof that I care 90% about the melody, I don’t know what is.

Jaskier and Geralt are awesome together. Quality meme material.

The first time

I was writing an article about elves in Hidden Destiny (a general one about all three basic kinds) and I mentioned there that the races can mix together and have children, who will most likely have features from both parents and an idea for a child came up. This girl in particular is a mix of a wood elf (skin) and a dark elf (hair and eyes). In this picture she sees the moon and stars for the first time in a complete darkness, where the only light is from the moon and the stars. She is in awe because she just discovered she is able to see perfectly in the dark even without glasses. Her parents probably put her to sleep during the sunset up until now. Good luck to them getting her to sleep at night ever again. :D Other features would show up in her future. (Such as height and agility)

Inner elvish genius

The tape is a spawn of dark magic, I swear!

A Leohare

A post on tumblr said to combine our astrology and chinese zodiac sign, so I did just that :D My astrology zodiac sign is Leo and my chinese is a hare... At first it sounded really dumb, but here we are with this creature I called Leohare :D

Hunter and her guardian

And this is the last WIP gift, I swear and of course it’s for my gf Konkrow again :’D Younger Melanie and her guardian Xenderlain!

If you’d like a commission from me, let me know! ^w^

Wither and decay

I definitely didn't stay up until almost midnight just to finish this piece, whiiiiich wasn't even WIP, I drew it today :'D But wow, did Disney take me by surprise by putting something darker in their series o.o I don't normally don't watch Rapunzel's tangled adventures, but after learning about hurt incantation, I watched that single episode and wow, I loved it. Made two versions so that you can choose your favourite ^^ Version without text can be found on my tumblr (same name as here)

A SFW cut-out of a NSFW piece I just finished of the best butt's OCs. For the full version, please visit jasthesinner blog on here ^^

Is it too late for me to start playing Pokemon GO? Cuz it sure is addictive. I do not know almost anything, but I'm having fun :D

A gift dor my bestie Konkrow! Haven't drawn her anything in a while... I should finish all my WIPs I have for her already ;w;

A t-shirt motive... I started learning japanese not so long ago (having a break due to finals) and kurisumasu is about my favourite word so far :'D So I got me n my squad t-shirts, these colours are on my shirt. Ironically everyone has a different colour scheme :D

I actually really enjoy this AU, it's not that bad!

Also an older pic :D

An older pic of my Maurawani elf gurl Draugnes. I should draw her more often, she doesn't get much attention even from me... ;-;

BTW, Maurawani elves are from Bernhard Hennen fantasy universe! If you happen to stumble upon it, I highly recommend reading the saga!

Another old pic! The funny thing about this piece is, it was only supposed to be sketch re-made to digital... and then I couldn't stop and just finished it on paper... :D

Still gotta conserve it tho, I would be so sad to lose it ;-;

Dark version of sona? Yeah... might re-do this one time :'D

Kinda old!

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Too cute!

*attemts to pet him*

Last oldie of today, Shigadabi!

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I didn't know I shipped this until today

Old pic of some of my favourite Sanses :'D

They all belong to their owners! None of these belongs to me!

I have never been so glad to for once choose a character that looks like my main husbando. Heard the other characters are rather abusive. I also haven't played any of the very new characters, do you have any suggestions?

A request for my dear ratto-bro of his OC Yellow. Honestly, he surprises me with how creative he can get with his ideas for his fantasy universes!

Sum good ol' Gamzee going crazy. This is a redraw from a.... 2014 I think :'D And am pretty damn proud of it! :D

Quite old and very small picture, but I am still proud of it! Might actually do a redraw of this once I get home from work!

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An oldie!

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But beautiful anyway!

Gosh I love this good boy. He's quite literally the best! owo